About DetermiNation

Without DetermiNation, there would be no DetermiNators. We are all thankful for this wonderful program from the American Cancer Society that has given us purpose, inspiration, motivation, and yes, determination to defeat cancer.

DetermiNation is a program for endurance athletes – some of whom don’t even think of themselves as either having “endurance” or even being an “athlete” when they join DetermiNation.

According to the program’s own website at www.ACSDetermiNation.org, “The American Cancer Society DetermiNation program will help you do the unthinkable, achieve what seems impossible, and change the course of cancer forever. With access to professional training, an unparalleled community of support, and inspiration every step of the way, the American Cancer Society will help you finish a half-marathon, marathon, or triathlon. Your personal race victory will change your life, but the finish line will be just the beginning. Because your triumph also means a triumph over cancer – where every step you take and every mile you conquer will create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

“The American Cancer Society DetermiNation program began in Chicago in 1996. The program expanded nationwide in 2007, and now includes a variety of races across the country and is continuing to grow.”

Become a DetermiNator. Join DetermiNation and help us defeat cancer!


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