DetermiNation partners with more than 80 races across the United states. For the complete list, please visit the DetermiNation website, where you can search for an event by date, type or state.

We will also periodically feature a DetermiNation partner race on this page, so please check back frequently!


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  1. phyllis

    How many miles is the marathorn in new oleans?

    1. dpittman

      The Rock ‘n Roll races in New Orleans have 3 options:

      1. Full marathon: 26.2 miles
      2. Half marathon: 13.1 miles
      3. 2-person half-marathon relay: 13.1 miles total, split between two people

      Here is the race website, which gives you more information on the weekend’s events. Good luck!

  2. Elana

    I really want to join the team and to do the half-marathon. My boyfriend and I would actually like to do it together. We are going to the scheduled information session in a couple of weeks. However, we were wondering if there is something in particular we need to do to be on the DetermiNation team?

    1. David Pittman

      Hi Elana,
      Thanks for your comment and for inquiring about DetermiNation. There is nothing special you need to do other than choose a race and sign up! Each race has a fundraising commitment, and that varies by race, but DetermiNation gives you lots of help in reaching the commitment – a personalized website where you can tell people why you are running with DetermiNation, an easy-to-use email system for sending out letters and ‘thank you’ notes, and many tips on what other people have done to raise money.

      It’s a wonderful program, and you will have a lot of fun and meet great people! If you have any more questions, you can ask them here, check http://www.acsdetermination.org, or ask me: dp@the3pitts.com. Good luck!

      -David Pittman

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