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Jul 25

I’m Running For …

Last Sunday, Team DetermiNation crashed the party at the Rock ‘n Roll Chicago Half Marathon, and as is always the case with DetermiNators, they were a huge crowd pleaser. But more than that, they were a smash hit and doing what DetermiNators do best: honoring people they love and raising money to kick cancer’s ass. …

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May 04

Today We Live with DetermiNation!

My mom and I finishing Rock n Roll Chicago Together

Being a DetermiNation athlete has a very special meaning for me.  I am sure a majority of our athletes feel this way when they get involved with our team.  We are a group of people who are determined to beat cancer.  My story is sadly, not unique, but it does embody why being a DetermiNation athlete is …

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Apr 25

Running for Someone Other than Myself

I started running 23 years ago as a 7th grader in cross country. It wasn’t my first introduction to running, though, because both of my parents were runners who both completed numerous Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathons. My grandma babysat me during the races, and we watched my parents finish from the bleachers at the finish …

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Apr 22

From Free Lunch to Half Marathon

I started my journey with DetermiNation one day while working at Angie’s List. An email went out at lunch announcing there would be a FREE LUNCH and an informative talk about the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. Well, I needed lunch that day and was sort of interested in running the Mini so I decided to go …

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Mar 29

A Crazy Survivor – Giving Back – Sharing HOPE


  It will be 2 years in July that I was in the doctor’s office and I heard those words “You have cancer”. It has been a little more than a year that my chemo treatments ended, they thought they found more cancer in my spleen and removed it.  It could be that I continue …

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